Better Blogs, Websites, and Marketing

Solutions for busy business owners who REALLY need to stop trying to do it all.

You know that nagging feeling that you need to be doing something different, but

1) you don’t have time to think about it, and

2) you have yourself convinced you can’t afford help.

Well, the truth is, you can’t afford to let your business image suffer with mediocre marketing, starting with that website.

But the very thought of where to begin is overwhelming. When you do take the time to focus on what exactly you need to do, you end up in directionless research mode, wasting more of your precious time with no results.

You just need some help bridging the disconnect between what you need, and your resources – you know, like time, your abilities, sweet mulah, etc.

I can tell you this – spending more time sitting at the computer is not the answer.

I specialize in working with solo acts and independent contractors making sure an efficient marketing plan is in place, and that every single effort supports the goal of keeping costs down, while making sure nothing is allowed to diminish the professional business image.

You need these three things in place, right away:

  • A Beautiful Website: If your website is making you look like an amateur, nothing else you do will matter.
  • Stellar handouts Flyers, business cards, price lists, etc. all need to be professionally printed. DIY printed materials get tossed.
  • Manageable Social Media A beautifully designed, useful, consistently sent email, plus Facebook and maybe Twitter.

That’s it. That’s the perfect tri-fecta of a simple, effective marketing plan

A plan is the only way to build your business without going nuts. You will know what you need to be doing to market yourself (This is COMPLETELY separate from running the business!) and you won’t have to sit and ponder all the opportunities you’re missing!

Then, you’ll be able to stay organized with ongoing support to keep the message current, engaging, and most importantly, useful to your clients

It’s easy to get started

Don’t let another year go by with the same underwhelming website, fitful blog, and last year’s “Upcoming Events!” making people wonder if you’re really serious about this.

Yes, it can be scary allowing someone to poke around your business and analyze your marketing efforts, but isn’t the alternative even more terrifying? Doing everything the same way you’ve been doing it and hoping things turn around?

Your sanity and your bank account can’t afford another year of that nonsense. It’s time to stop the mad DIY Catch 22, (Can’t afford it, therefore I can’t afford it.) But if you take a deep breath and accept a little dose of reality, you can get past this and become more successful, and respected.

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