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A case study in continuity

by admin on March 3, 2008

Everyone’s got a brother-in-law or an uncle who can put up a website and call themselves a web designer. We know, we’ve fixed a lot of them. When you hire a designer, it will be tempting to save money and let a trusted friend do the work. Unfortunately, you aren’t really saving money at all. Think about the value of having a professionally designed site that consistently presents the image and message you want your current and potential customers to experience. If your budget doesn’t allow for both print and web updates, it’s best to create one professional component then add the other down the road. Don’t skimp and expect customers to reward you with their business.

Kim Lugar knows how to take advantage of both print and web services. Her new website is great by itself, but coupled with consistently branded print materials, they pack quite a punch. Having a postcard or brochure to hand her customers, directing them to the website, is critical. At Kim’s latest trade show, she handed out a new postcard and people started visiting right away – during the show! Business increased instantly.

Postcard designed to compliment Kim?s new website Marketing is the conversation you continually have with your customers. Let us help you create print and web materials that speak their language, designed to keep them interested and impressed. The last thing you want to do is talk down to them or send them conflicting messages. And you certainly don’t want to send them to a website that will have them wondering if you take your business seriously.
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