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Administrative Consultant – Give it a try!

by Sue Leipzig on December 2, 2012

Lost that lovin’ feeling (for your business)? An Administrative Consultant can help you get it back.

Some people make great bosses, (some not so great, but God bless ’em, they do it anyway) and some of us make great support people. That’s where I fit in. I don’t see being a support person as a negative, in fact I thrive on it and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a Virtual Assistant / Administrative Consultant allows me to provide support to people in varied businesses and that keeps things exciting and challenging. Part of the fun is figuring things out and applying a workable solution that can then benefit other clients, and this is also where the beauty of results rather than hourly pricing makes sense for both of us.

The next time you are sitting down at the computer, time how long it takes you to complete a task and gauge how you feel about it. Unless you are great with computers and enjoy this type of work, I’m willing to bet I could complete it in much less time and without the frustration (What is frustrating for you is exhilarating to me, I know, it’s weird.)

If your business is dragging, or you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling because you just can’t do everything, why not give an Administrative Consultant a try? If you are trying to figure out print specs to get a postcard going, or trying to mail merge a letter to clients, that is time spent away from doing what you should be doing, like planning for business growth, looking at the big picture of your business, representing your company, marketing, etc.

Let’s take a look at what might be holding you back from giving it a try:

I don’t trust anyone to run my business but me.

I get it. It’s a control thing and that is one of the toughest issues to overcome. I hate flying because of the lack of control once I’m strapped in that huge heavy thing that is supposed to just magically stay up in the sky. But if I want to get to Hawaii or anywhere else besides NW Oregon, I have to just have faith and take the leap. You are right – no one is going to love your baby (your business) like you do. But just as we sometimes need to let our kids stay with a babysitter so we can clear our head and be better parents, we owe the same to our business. You can’t do your best when you try to do it all. And as a side note, once I take on a client, anything they trust me with becomes a part of my business and I will treat it like my own. (For more on this, take a look at the Administrative Consultants Ethics Pledge.)

You don’t know anything about my industry, how can you virtually complete projects?

It may be true that I don’t have the expertise in your field, but as an Administrative Consultant, my field is anything involving computers and 90% of office administration is done on a computer in one program or another. There may be an initial learning curve, but I assure you I will make it easy and it will take less time than you might think. And, again, we price on results, not hours, so if it does take me three Red-Bulls and a sleepless night to learn, you won’t even know it, and you certainly won’t be billed for it.

Its going to cost too much

Well, it is going to cost money, there’s no getting around that, but if you talk yourself out of getting help because of the cost, you’re denying yourself and your business the benefits and value we offer. What is it worth to you to get to your desk and feel like you have a grasp on what you need to do and that the tools you use are in place, polished and professional?

I have clients who send me their notes at the end of the day and since I’m up by 4am every day working, by the time they get back to work, the work is quite often completed, or at least in the works. That’s part of the value I offer.

What will I do with my free time now that I’m not spending 20+ hours a week on administrative work?

Anything you want! You can reinvest that time in your business and help it grow, golf, spend more time with the family…the possibilities are endless.

I don’t know how to start.

Just call! 503-805-7309. Today! Let’s get you started on your way.

Susan Leipzig is a joy junkie, Class A introvert, WordPress fanatic, and Administrative Consultant ready to help you remember what you love about your business. Call today to schedule your consultation. 503-805-7309

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