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Artists – 5 Reasons to Ditch that Awful Website

by Sue Leipzig on December 31, 2014

5 Reasons you need to ditch that awful template website:

  1. Free and easy is rarely either.
  2. The only way I can convince you of this is for you to give a try. Go ahead. I’ll wait… (Note, if you do try this be VERY careful. If any web service wants you to sign over your domain name DON’T DO IT. I’m going to repeat this – DO NOT EVER SIGN AWAY YOUR DOMAIN NAME!! You own it and you should always have control over it. There’s no reason for any service to get between you and your online name.)

    I’ve seen many of these click and drag, template websites but they never really reflect the art or the artist in a positive light. I’ve also talked to a couple of artists who after trying one of these services, realized they about went bat-shit crazy spending even more time at the computer. Hire it out.

  3. Respect your art and the rest will follow.
  4. If you don’t respect your art, why should anyone? You must believe in what you create or you wouldn’t put it out there, right? It’s not like artists are given an easy path to success and automatically respected. When you show the world you don’t think your art is worthy, they will believe you.

    If you’ve had booth visitors, or any other potential customers treat you with disrespect (if you’re having to defend or justify your prices, you know what I’m talking about) you need to think about why they felt comfortable treating you that way. If you’re acting like an amateur artist, people will treat you as such. I can’t find a big enough word to describe how important it is for you to showcase your work with respect.

  5. Dress (your online space) for the success you want.
  6. We’ve all heard that tired phrase “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. Well, I can’t really judge this one since I wear jammies until noon a lot. But you get the idea. Your website should reflect the success you want and are working for, not where you are right now. If you wait, you’ll always be where you are right now.

  7. The HGTV effect.
  8. People are persnickety and demanding, but at least they have really high expectations. This is why real estate staging is so hot. It’s all about the feeling you get from gazing at something amazing and imagining its yours. Why do staged homes fetch better offers? Part of it is our inability to see past other people’s often bizarre clutter, and part of it is that we’re more willing to part with our hard-earned cash when it’s clear that the seller gives a damn. The same applies to your art; your booth, handouts, and website are representing you. Use them to show the world your art is not just a worthwhile purchase, but something they just need to be a part of.

  9. You’re an artist for Heaven’s sake!
  10. And as an artist you know the Ultimate Artist’s Catch 22 – to be successful, you have to appear successful, but you can’t appear successful until you have enough success to fund that image, and ’round and ’round it goes.

    Assuming you actually want to make a profit, if you do one thing this year, make a commitment to ditching that embarrassing, horrid website and get one you’re proud of. Allow that crap website to represent you, and you’ll be fighting for respect as an artist forever.

    I’ve heard all the excuses in the world why artists have hideous websites. Actually, there’s only one excuse repeated 15 different ways. “I can’t afford it”. That mindset will suck the wind right out of your artistic little sails. Once you begin to transform your art into a real and respectable business, the hard work you put out there will come back to you in customer respect, professional image, and sales.

    Don’t let another year go by wishing, justifying, stressing. Contact me today.

    Susan Leipzig is a joy junkie, Class A introvert, WordPress fanatic, and Administrative Consultant ready to help you remember what you love about your business. Call today to schedule your consultation. 503-805-7309

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