Better Blogs, Websites, and Marketing

The Bottom Line (Pricing)

The In Depth Consultation: $450. I prefer to meet at your office or place of business, but we can meet in a coffee shop bar if you prefer. The consultation and analysis process can take up to two weeks while I read, research, analyze, follow up, mull, probe, spy, meditate and sometimes dream about where your business is, where you want it to go, and how exactly we’re going to get you there. I don’t get the concept of the free consultation.

I price based on value, not hours. That means you will get a quote per project, rather than by the hour. I doubt you want to pay me for 8 hours while I look for just the right font. And, I’m not about making less money the better and faster I get.

Thesis based WordPress site

$1,800 – $3,500 average – more for larger sites. This is the big guns. A complete WordPress Content Management System customized for your business. Virtually unlimited pages. Based on my analysis, I design from scratch and create your own unique site reflecting the type and scope of business, the other resources you already have, and the style and tone of your company message, etc. Of course, if you’ve already picked a WP theme, we can customize that too, but the cost is the same.

Integrate this with your new Facebook business page, one additional SM presence (LinkedIn for Business, Twitter, or Yelp) plus MailChimp setup and template.

Services include simple to complex web design. We will tailor a service package to your needs, wants and budget. You may find a less expensive developer, but be aware of what you are getting. There are many nuances to web design and you don’t want to be surprised down the road. Please note that if you are concerned about a web presence at the lowest price possible, we may not be a good match.

Web design services include the first 30 days of hosting and 30 days of technical support. Also included is basic SEO services, including keywords, Meta tags, and Google Sitemap.

Ongoing Monthly Support:

Web updates, blog styling, mail merge, MailChimp maintenance, and other Virtual Administrative Support services are can be purchased in one of my Monthly Maintenance Packages. It is difficult to quote by the hour because what would take you all day may take me only 1 hour. I’ve saved you a headache and a day of your time; again, rates are based on value.

Fixing a website someone else broke

$250 minimum (you would be surprised how often I do this)

If this doesn’t cover it, just call with any questions. I’ve helped many small businesses get up and running on the web when they thought it was only for the big guys. Special project quote requests welcomed. For businesses just starting to get their web presence going, we can start you out for less than the quote above and update after you get going. Call for a quote.