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Latent Marketing in Real Estate

by Sue Leipzig on December 31, 2014

How Latent Marketing in Real Estate is Affecting your Income

Real estate brokers are always marketing. You can’t even meet someone new without considering them a prospective home buyer or seller. You already know that every business card handed out, every sign posted at a listing, every postcard mailed out – it’s all marketing and it should all sparkle. But what about the latent marketing you do – like the photos and descriptions the whole world can see on the MLS website, or when your online visitors click “view my listings”. Those are the details that reflect on you and tell all potential clients what they can expect from you.

Show Them Your Best, Even When You Don’t Have To

In a crazy market where nothing lasts for more than a week, it’s easy to feel like you don’t need to spend extra effort at a listing. But it’s even more important! Why not position yourself, so when things cool off — and they will — you’re still known as the Real Estate pro who cares.

(These photos are not meant to embarrass anyone, they were found in searching the RMLS and are only meant to remind my real estate broker clients that photos aren’t just about selling the house, they also reflect on you professionally.)


Always turn the TV off and Focus, Focus, Focus.

Are you allowing things like this to hurt your image? (I’ve seen them all, and more)

  • blurry photos
  • photos with tubes of toothpaste, tampons, or worse, left out on the bathroom counter?
  • dark pictures that look like a horror movie basement no one in their right mind would enter alone?
  • The family pet’s posterior in your shot?
  • Photos of the just the corner of an unidentified room?
  • Those stretched out photos that make your listing look like a fun house?


Is this supposed to make the kitchen look biggggeeerrrrrr?

Less than professional photos diminish your listing and your image. Bad descriptions do the same. Spelling and grammar matter and it’s worth spending a few minutes to proof read your notes. Abbreviations in MLS listings were once acceptable, but your clients are all viewing the MLS online these days. Does it really take that much more effort to spell out the word large, rather than type lg? Make both the public and private comments readable, inviting and polished. Any less looks like you rushed through the listing, suggesting you’re under the impression this transaction is all about you and your time.

Does this kitchen have any counter space?

And just when I thought I had seen it all, I came across this master bedroom photo with unmade bed. This not only looks messy, it makes it impossible for the potential buyer to think of this as their bedroom. Bad enough, but wait, there’s more…above the bed is a picture of a naked pregnant woman, presumably the homeowner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful thing and all, but um, ewwww. Do you really want prospective buyers pondering that during a showing? The homeowners see it every day and don’t even notice it any more. Pointing out that it should be stowed while strangers are trying to picture themselves comfortably at home in that very bedroom will be much appreciated.

real_estate_latentYep, a messy bed and we get to see it in the mirror reflection too! (Note above the bed. Ewww.)

Not every listing is going to warrant shelling out huge cash for professional staging, and I get that there are some real aesthetically challenged homes out there, (you know what I mean) but there will never be an excuse for a less-than-professional listing. The above bedroom would have taken 5 minutes to spruce up. (The generally bad photography is another story.) It’s your goal to obtain the best offer for the property, right? Then it’s your job to counsel sellers on the importance of drawing people in with pictures. Spending an extra hour at a listing appointment, directing the homeowner on what it will take to make their home more inviting is a small price to pay for the increased, positive exposure, as well as the boost to your professional image. And for Heaven’s sake, if you have to make the bed yourself, make the bed!

Remember, everyone who views online listings is a potential buyer or seller. Given the choice between a broker who takes the time to make sure photos reflect as brightly as possible on the listing, or one that didn’t even either notice or care that there was a can of WD-40 and a pack of Marlboro Golds on the counter – who would you call?

Every, and I mean every, item associated with your name should absolutely shine. If you are in need of some assistance in this area please call today so we can schedule a consultation. Let me help you polish your prose and your photos and make the most of your marketing efforts. They are, after all, a reflection on you professionally.

Susan Leipzig is a joy junkie, Class A introvert, WordPress fanatic, and Administrative Consultant ready to help you remember what you love about your business. Call today to schedule your consultation. 503-805-7309

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