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Print and Web Services

Oryan Consulting - print and web services Oryan Consulting can help you grow your business with professional fixes for worn-out websites and less-than-impressive print materials. From content and copy writing to wrangling with print specs, we’ll take the project from concept to deliverables.

If your site is an off-the-rack theme with maybe a custom photograph, what does that say about your business? Can we at least fix up your font and get rid of the standard “Site Info” “Tagline” at the top? And don’t even get me started on the “Hello” on your home page. Please? If you aren’t proud of your site or it hasn’t been updated since your ex brother-in-law put it up 10 years ago, it’s time to take a look.

We specialize in customizing basic WordPress themes, and designing from scratch with the Thesis theme. (yes, we repeat that often, we can’t help it. It’s That Good.)

We can also tie your new website in with other print materials, such as flyers, rack-cards, or other, perhaps more fun, handouts like pens and promotional items.

It’s All in the Details


Hiring a consultant to manage your print and web projects not only helps grow your business, it saves you time and money by:

  • eliminating the frustration of figuring out publishing programs
  • keeping paper and ink costs down
  • having projects completed without disrupting operations
  • free up time to spend connecting with customers
  • increasing your marketing piece’s longevity*
  • saving you from looking like an amatuer publisher/web designer


Which One of These Docs Says “I’m a Professional and I care”

Both pieces have the exact same information. One, however, is more polished and professional giving the impression this business cares. Since anything with your company name on it falls under the heading of ‘marketing’, and reflects on your business, it should all sparkle. This was a quick fix and did not cost my client a lot of money. Business images are not worth “saving” money. Ever.

Oryan Consulting offers both print and web project management. Why wait? Call today.craigslist_document_fix

No more shoddy handouts.

*DIY marketing materials are tossed like trash. Hand out a quality piece and people will more likely hang on to it, or pass it along to a friend.