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A bit about Oryan Consulting and Susan Leipzig

It’s tough being part analyst, part creative and part techie, because basically what I’m admitting to is being a control freak. The analyst part of me never stops. I analyze everything all day long. Everything. All. Day. Long. It’s both a blessing and a curse. At first that was enough, I would come up with a plan and hand it off to the ‘creatives’, because I didn’t think an analyst and creative could inhabit the same soul. Then I realized I wasn’t happy with the results, so I developed the technical skills to bring my web and print visions to life.

My passion is gently nudging shoving business owners off the DIY Marketing Not-So-Merry-Go-Round. I know how easy it is to get caught up in juggling, scrambling, exhausting yourself, and letting the quest for business rule your life. I get a big ol’ kick out of aligning business images into a coherent visual representation of the mission statement. Everything you do from that point on will be based on the answer to this question:

‘does this (postcard, website, blog post, business card, etc.) fit in with the mission of my business and the image I’m working so hard to create?’

I’m here to help you determine what part of creating this image is your responsibility, and what you need to let go of in order to run the business. Hint – if it has to do with sitting behind a computer, you’re going to need to let. it. go. I know, cue the gasp, handling things like WordPress styling and updates, fixing your tired brochures, form letters and reports, etc. I love this stuff. Really. And you should be spending your time talking to people.

That’s what you’ll be getting, and here’s who you’ll be getting it from.

Oryan Consulting - Susan Leipzig Messy Desk

(This messy desk is before the ‘big clean‘, I really can help you organize!)

Susan Leipzig – that’s me – owner of Oryan Consulting, your main contact, designer and technical support. I’m a joyful, though sometimes pretty opinionated, Irish girl. I graduated from Eastern Oregon University and have completed many graduate credits in technical writing, instructional design, business communications, research writing, and interdisciplinary rhetoric (a frou-frou way of saying a lot of writing about varied topics).

My team consists of professionals that I rely on to seamlessly fill in when something needs filling. I collaborate with creative professionals, coders, printers and business gurus when necessary. I don’t consider myself a one-woman-show by any means but I take full responsibility for the completion of the project. Collaborating is the key to my business, plus it forces me to look up from the screen every once in a while.

My clients often comment on the way I become part of the team without overstepping or disrupting the business. It’s a gift.

Thanks for stopping by the site. Please call if you have any questions about how our varied services can free you up to focus on your business. Most services are quoted per project rather than by the hour. For more information – view the pricing page.