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The Value of Me

by Sue Leipzig on August 21, 2013

I have an ad on Craigslist under computer services to fix up WordPress websites. I offer many more services than that, but it’s my fave so I advertise it specifically. The number one question I get is “what’s your hourly rate”. I immediately weed out these replies and let them go because these people have likely sent out 10 of the same emails and will nab the lowest hourly rate they find. I don’t want to work with those people. Actually, I can’t. I learned long ago that by only working with people who at least spend the time to find out what value I offer over everyone else, and why my rates are not the lowest, I am happier and my clients are easier to work with and much more appreciative.

I don’t even have an hourly rate and here’s why. I believe it is absolutely impossible to determine, and I really don’t want to be penalized for being fast. It took me a while to believe in “The Value of Me” so I understand the mental block, but once it sunk in, I never looked back. After giving my speil about not quoting hourly, a lot of people glaze over and I never hear from them again. But recently one client got it and said “here’s what I’m looking for…how much of that can you do for $xxx.” B. I. freaking N. G. O. That’s how to make the most of beginning a relationship with a Virtual Assistant, Administrative Pro, or whatever you want to call it me. We’re still working together and its a mutually beneficial business relationship. By helping my clients build a solid business, my business is successful as well. And, just for the record, I got everything on the list done for just a little bit over $xxx.

The work I do for clients is usually on a never-ending list of things that need to be done (Thank God). By prioritizing and scheduling from month to month, it will all eventually get done, I get paid fairly, and the client is thrilled to know these certain tasks will be taken care of without breaking the bank.

As with all business relationships, there’s a trial and error risk period at first as both parties see if things are going to work out. I guess this goes for all relationships, but anyway, the point is it can be difficult to get started. Here are a few things that can get us going:

Fixing up your WordPress website. If it’s in need of styling, content updates, plugins, or a total overhaul, this is a great way to spend within a budget and see instant results.
Mail Chimp email list database import. Don’t try this one yourself. It’s not difficult, but can be a total pain.
Mail Chimp newsletter template setup. By getting a newsletter template set up, it will be way easier to send out next time. Naturally I hope you’ll hire me to do it, but this can be a DIY project.
Editing your most used documents. This one is so important – if you’re sending out embarrassing correspondence, you can’t even put a value on straightening that stuff out.

Well there it is. Some of you still won’t wrap your mind around not having a specific hourly rate, but if you take a moment to get it, you can have a virtual assistant that will always have the best interest of your business as their number one priority. Give it a try!

Susan Leipzig is a joy junkie, Class A introvert, WordPress fanatic, and Administrative Consultant ready to help you remember what you love about your business. Call today to schedule your consultation. 503-805-7309

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