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Why I Can’t Work with Most People

by Sue Leipzig on August 21, 2013

Sorry to those of you I’ve chosen not to work with

As an independent consultant, I’m constantly looking for new clients. It’s a fact of life, and, at times, the bane of the existence of this Class A Introvert. At one time, I rarely turned down clients, even those who had little to no budget. Thankfully that needy little ship has sailed. These days, although I speak to all potential clients with the same respect and enthusiasm, I don’t waste time (mine or theirs) if I can tell we aren’t a fit. There are several reasons why I can’t work with most people, and here are just a few. No offense intended, I get that these are personality flaws issues and I own them.

The first is that it is difficult for me to have to convince you why I’m worth the money. I know I charge more than some WordPress designers and I’m proud of it. In the beginning, I ended up taking a hugely reduced fee on a web design because I quoted a “basic WordPress site, just to get you started”. Problem was, I couldn’t leave it at just that. If I’m going to include you in my client list, your stuff better shine, or I won’t be able to call it done. So I ended up putting in way more work than I had planned (or quoted for). I feel bad for anyone who has worked with that client since, as he is now convinced that you should be able to get a custom WordPress / Thesis website with plugins, custom widgets, styling AND training for well under $1,000. I can’t undo this now, all I can do is learn from it. This was an excellent lesson in not giving away the farm.

As with most service businesses, for every result you see, there are several things happening behind the scenes that involve knowledge, skill, expertise, forethought, etc., the details of which would bore you. I take a lot of pride in my work and I believe that your professional image is worth paying someone to pay attention to. As I’ve said before, it’s all in the details. A lot of people can set up a WordPress site for you; I can make it uniquely yours. Ultimately it reflects on you.

The second issue is that I need to have a mutual trust with you. I realize that I’m lumped in with all of the other people who advertise on Craigslist and flake out on you, but you’re also lumped in with the people who want their site completely re-designed for $239.00, and want to pay in installments, or trade for wine. Ok, that last part is a bad example because I might actually consider that trade. Anyway, the bottom line is that we need to understand and trust each other and its a two way street.

For my long-time clients, please know that I consider myself lucky to work with you, and I hope you feel the same.

Susan Leipzig is a joy junkie, Class A introvert, WordPress fanatic, and Administrative Consultant ready to help you remember what you love about your business. Call today to schedule your consultation. 503-805-7309

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