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WordPress **sigh**

by Sue Leipzig on February 16, 2008

My clients often reply to my emails with “did you really send that email at 4:10 am?” Yes, I did. I am generally down at my desk around 4 am or so. This is my favorite time of day. My coffee is set up to be ready by this time, and I pop out of bed most mornings because I love my job.

I have noticed since I started using WordPress, I pop out of bed even easier because I can’t wait to discover something new that will benefit my clients. WordPress has revolutionized web design, and there’s no going back. Why would we want to? Even my non-technical clients can update content, blog if they like, post documents and photos, and add links.

Here is a great example of the power of WordPress. A prospective client called me after seeing my website. He had been thinking of posting information about a historical Oregon artist and has an extensive collection of her paintings, plus other materials and a great deal of biographical information. To pay a web designer to post all of this information, photos, and other materials would be cost-prohibitive, particularly when this site is just about sharing information, not commercial activity.

Using WordPress, the budget went towards creating an asthetically pleasing, easily navigated, simple site that can be expanded to hold virtually all the information about this artist. As a designer, I selected a WordPress theme (which is not an easy task as there are literally thousands to choose from) and changed the banner, layout, color scheme, and other more technical aspects so that the site is unique and fits within the scope and style of the content. I have done very little of the posting, but I offer guidance and technical support as needed. This partnership allows me to work on multiple projects at a time, it allows the client to share his knowledge with the world, all within a reasonable budget and at his comfort level. The site is now live – take a look.

To me, this is what the internet is about these days. Everyone can participate, everyone has something to share, and anyone can do it.

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